How BodyTalk Works for you.

Once the intake information or history has been completed and you have discussed your health concerns with your Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), you will lay down on a massage table, fully clothed.

We will use muscle checking, by gently moving your arm, to determine your body’s priorities for healing. The CBP will be silently determining what the priorities are and recording them in the form of equations. Once the equation is complete, light tapping and specific techniques are implemented.

BodyTalk sessions are very relaxing.  During the session, you may feel tingling or changes in temperature, as the energy is moving.

An interpretation of the equation is offered to help you understand the healing priorities of your body.

The session may last for 30 – 45 minutes.

Follow up sessions may be indicated, to continue the healing process.  This schedule is determined between you and your CBP.

unique to everyone

What is a BodyTalk session?

You may be familiar with many systems and modalities that comprise the BodyTalk system: 

  1. Acupuncture

  2. Ayruveda

  3. Reiki

  4. Chiropractics

  5. Osteopathy

  6. Brain Gym

  7. Traditional Chinese Medicine

  8. Western Medicine

  9. Kinesiology

  10. Applied Mathematics

  11. Quantum Physics

  12. Consciousness-Based Medicine

Knowledge and techniques of these systems have been combined and then applied in a unique way to help individuals restore health.  So, you can see that BodyTalk is founded on long standing, successful medical practices and solid scientific principles.

The use of muscle checking or neuromuscular biofeedback helps to identify the health priorities of your body and mind.  These priorities for healing are combined together in equations.  Light tapping on the head/brain to alert the brain to make the changes and then tapping on the sternum/heart to store the changes in the heart.  These changes are pumped out to every cell of the body to begin the healing process.

BodyTalk does not use additional equipment or supplements.  It can, however, be integrated and combined with other health modalities and treatments that you may be using. Other health care methods may be more effective when combined with BodyTalk, as the body and mind will be in a more balanced and synchronized state to heal.

How BodyTalk Works from a distance.

BodyTalk sessions by distance have been steadily increasing in popularity due to increased convenience for the client. Distance BodyTalk sessions are similar to regular sessions except there is no need to be in the same room as the practitioner. Results are equally effective.

You may be curious as to how this is possible and the answer lies in the basis of quantum physics and interconnectivity.

If you have more questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact me for more information.

A BodyTalk Testimonial

"I used the fast aid 2 weeks ago on my hand that I thought I broke, went in for x-rays that night & was told it was only soft tissue damage & that it would be more painful in the following days. 

I kept doing the protocol & the next morning it was like nothing happened at all. I was totally amazed!

Body Talk really works! and fast too!”

- Nicole, Lethbridge, AB

What is BodyTalk?

The premise is that the body can heal itself, as long as the internal lines of communication are intact.

Stress can interrupt and disconnect systems compromising the functioning of the body and mind.  

This is the beginning of 'dis-ease'.

Stress causes 100% of illness --  manage your stress--- manage your health.